Best free video editing software 2019

Best free video editing software 2019

There are so many options when looking for the right video editing software. But before we go into the options, it's a good moment to ask yourself what kind of content do you want to create.

There is no point in getting the most advanced software if you just need to make a few simple edits. There is also no point using something basic if you plan on experimenting with special effect. Picking the right tools is important as it with your efficiency and workflow. If you pick the wrong tool and it will directly affect your productivity.

Below is my list of best free video editing software for 2019

Best Online Editor: VEED (freemium)

Great for: Social media content, Instagram, Youtube, VEED is great for simple and quick online video editing. You can use it directly from your browser and there is no need to instal anything. Rendering is quick as it is all done in the cloud. All the tools are built for social media making it perfect for content creators.


Best Free Desktop MAC editor: iMovie

Great for: Home movies & basic youtube videos Imovie is apples entry-level video editing app. You can edit across all your devices and best of all its free for Mac users. iMovie lets itself down as there is no support square and vertical video formats. Something that is essential for creating content for social media.

Best Free PC editor: Clipchamp (freemium)

Great for: Home movies & youtube videos Since windows movie marker was discontinued by Microsoft, Windows users are looking elsewhere for video editing. Clipchamp Create is a great alternative for PC users. They have a bunch of great tools and a fully fledged editor. The product is still being built and we expect to see great things from the clip clamp team.

Best Pro level editor: Openshot

Great for: Editing Films & TV shows Openshot is an opensource video editor, its. Got a bunch of great features and has been but over the space of 15 years. As the project is opensource development is slow but it's FREE. You cant really complain.

Openshot Free


Best free video editing software 2019

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